Industrial project

3M: Customer experience research & design

3M was closing 80% of sales, but they were missing opportunities with smaller companies who didn’t have an assigned account representative. To help tap into and convert missed opportunities, we partnered with 3M in 2016 to find ways this group of potential clients could research product solutions without an assigned sales or support representative. Through subject matter expert and customer blind interviews, we sought to understand the customer journey, beginning when a design or materials engineer identified a design need all the way to product assembly.

Through months of research and by defining customer personas and journeys, we provided 3M with a year’s worth of vetted information, including twenty areas of opportunity where they could close the gap where customers were previously required to talk to a representative, helping convert missed market opportunities while reducing the amount of the budget spent on customer advocates. These windows of opportunity allowed 3M to maintain the same level of service through an online portal—a one-stop resource that provides relevant industry information and a comprehensive-but-concise look at 3M’s entire product portfolio.