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Valuenex: Data analytics platform

Valuenex is a Japanese analytics company whose software transforms big data into visualizations. With a sophisticated algorithm, Valuenex can map extensive patent libraries and associated research materials, so people can gather invaluable market insights. In 2015, Valuenex asked Idean to help simplify their user experience because their former UI was intricate, complicated, and difficult to navigate. Before we could create a new solution, however, we needed to understand exactly what data visualization customers were looking for. We found three primary use cases: researching strategy and development, visualizing current market situations, and finding competitive direction. We also found that people wanted efficient, meaningful workflows that were straightforward, smart, and easy to understand.

After months of research, we designed an experience that can visualize layers of information in multiple views with a simple aesthetic and powerful functionality. This allows users to easily aggregate data via filters and keywords to better understand a given market, competitive analyses, emerging technologies, and both threats and opportunities. The clean design allows data to assemble itself in a simple, impactful manner, revealing patterns and visionary insights.

When it was time to develop the product, our teams successfully navigated the language barriers while translating the API as we wrote nearly flawless new code. In just months, Idean transformed Valuenex’s complex analytics software into an approachable design that empowers companies to better understand, utilize, and apply their strengths.

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